Totally Amazing XML Generator

This script will generate XML for use in Quicktime Movies. To create an XML file you need to build a track list. First you must add file names and/or URLs to the Bin. The bin is a pool of files you can add to the track list.

You add files to the bin in two ways. You can Add URL by typing in any URL (this can also be a relative file name) into the input field and then clicking the arrow. The other option is the lazy man's option. If you type in an URL the an HTML page in the Get links from field any links on that page will be added to the bin.

You add URLs to the track list by choosing a track type in the dropdown box and clicking the Add to track list link. The small red X's remove URL from either the bin or the track list.

Add file to bin

Bin is empty.

    Track List

    Track list is empty.