HTML Meta Profile For Blogs (version 0.1)

This is a first attempt at a meta data profile for blogs. It's meant as a work in progress at this point. Comments are welcome.

This document has been updated! The newer version contains way more coolness.



HTML4 definition of the 'rel' attribute. Here are some additional values.

A reference to a permanent location of the current document. If there are more than one permalinks in the document they point different parts of the document have different permanent locations.
Points to a document cited. Can be used by authors to explicitly tell their blogging software where to send pingbacks and trackbacks. The reverse rev-attribute can be used in a list of pingbacks and trackbacks on a document.
Attribution for a comment. Points to the website attributed to a comment on the current document.
A reference to an enclosure of the current document. An enclosure should be seen as an integral part of the current document. Enclosures can be redistributed with the document if possible.

Sample blog entry

<h1><a href="" rel="permalink">My first blog entry</a></h1>
<p>Hey! This is my first podcasting blog entry. It was <a href="">Bob</a> who put me up to
this whole blogging thing <a href="" rel="cite" title="Bob: Why Blogging
Rocks">when he said</a>: </p>
<blockquote cite=""><p>Dude, this podcasting stuff rocks!</p></blockquote>
<p>So go head and <a href="podcast01.mp3" type="audio/mp3" rel="enclosure">listen to my first podcast</a>!</p>
<h2>Comments on this entry</h2>
	<dt><a href="" rel="comment">Bob</a> says</dt>
	<dd><p>Great job.</p></dd>
	<dt>Pingback from <a href="" rev="cite">Dave's blog - Bob starts podcasting </a></dt>
	<dd><p>Today Bob started his podcast. It's great to see new people getting drawn in.</p></dd>

This document (hopefully) conforms to the XMDP format.