Linkubator is an online tool that will create interactive Quicktime movies for you. Based on a movie you provide, Linkubator can add a ‘bug’ to the movie (a small image with a link to your blog entry). In the future it will be possible to create one or more text blocks (with or without links) that appear and disappear as your movie plays. Linkubator was created by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, and I hope you get good use out of it.

Movie Information

Important things first. The first thing you need to do is to create your movie. Go shoot and edit some video. After that you need to upload your video to the web so Linkubator can get to it. Fill out the field below with the location of your movie (it should begin with http://). The location given should be a permanent location. If you move the movie from this location the movie generated by Linkubator will stop working, and you'll need to recreate it from scratch.

Any movie that the Quicktime Player plays will do.

Linkubator needs to know the size of your movie to create appropriate space for it. Otherwise you'll end up with a Player window that is larger than your movie, or the Player window will be too small, and people won't be able to see all of your movie.

Add a Bug

A bug is a small image that is placed on top of your video. It will link back to your blog entry. Think of it as the network logo on your TV. Except that your viewers will be able to click this bug to get to your website.

Find an image you would like to use as your bug, and upload it to the web. This doesn't need to be a permanent location. Your image will be embedded in the movie created, and you can delete the uploaded image later without it affecting your movie. You should choose a small image. Both in physical size (you don't want to hide your video) and in file size. Linkubator will not read images over 15 kilobytes.

What kind of bug do you want? There are two ‘stock’ bugs, or you can specify your own image.

Alright, that's it! When you click the button below you will be prompted to save a file. This is the name of your movie, so save it on your computer somewhere. Then upload it to the web (the movie will be very small), and create a blog entry with a link to this new movie.