Videoblogging Week, June 2004

June 20th: Day 1

Father's Day

By Eric Rice

My videoblog for day one of Videoblogging Week. Day one happened to fall on Sunday, June 20th. Father's Day. So, it's appropriate… [Watch]


By Jay Dedman

This video is about where I work. And yeah, my job is a big part of my life. I work at a community TV station in Manhattan. People can learn how to make a TV show for FREE using FREE equipment and then air it for FREE… [Watch]

Five Short Videos

By Peter Van Dijck

I did a bunch of little movies this afternoon in central park, and decided to use the best ones, uncut and unedited. They're inside this post… [Watch]


By Steve Garfield

The subject of this video is a very old family tree that was handed down to me by my father. Mark Wuerthner shot it with an HD camera that had a borescope attachment… [Watch]

June 21st: Day 2

Cell Phone

By Eric Rice

Day two is all about communication, namely cellphones, namely, broken ones… [Watch]


By Jay Dedman

I used the “Moment” method. Everything in one shot. All I did was add a little music. Im keeping the quality pretty high. 4.5MB. The whole movie is about 2 minutes. This is like show and tell… [Watch]


By Peter Van Dijck

Another movie from sunday in central park. There is a red hawk nesting on one of the buildings, quite a rare sight… [Watch]

Team Oracle

By Steve Garfield

It was filmed at the RI National Guard Airshow 2004 at the Quonset State Airport on Saturday and featured Sean Tucker of Team Oracle… [Watch]

June 22nd: Day 3


By Eric Rice

Day three is about audiobooks, namely, Snowcrash, and the car. And really, watching the Oliver Stone movie 'Nixon' last night had no effect on me in this videoblog. Really… [Watch]

Osama Bband

By Jay Dedman

A friend and I made this video because a lot of people in Manhattan are talking about nuclear bombs… [Watch]

New Jersey

By Peter Van Dijck

Filmed during my commute home in small bits. I put together a bunch of the scenes I filmed (no editing). It's my longest film so far, it's 2.25 Megs… [Watch]


By Steve Garfield

It was filmed at the RI National Guard Airshow 2004 at the Quonset State Airport on Saturday and featured the Thunderbirds… [Watch]

June 23rd: Day 4

30k Feet

By Eric Rice

Day four is a videoblog from 30,000 feet over Monument Valley as I'm en route to New Orleans for eBayLive… [Watch]


By Jay Dedman

With all this practice, the process of videoblogging is predictably getting easier. Now it's a matter of what do i do? so you make stuff up… [Watch]

My Commute

By Peter Van Dijck

I followed yesterdays approach again, but with a little bit of editing. I'm giving in to the dark force… [Watch]

Micro Machines

By Steve Garfield

It was filmed at Moovlab Boston and features Andy the Intern producing a video about Micro Machines… [Watch]

June 24th: Day 5


By Eric Rice

Day five is a videoblog of exhaustion! (Shot entirely with an iSight camera… [Watch]

Tv is like an antique

By Jay Dedman

Compared to videoblogging, making a TV show feels very antiquated. So many boundaries. You need so much equipment… [Watch]


By Peter Van Dijck

Today, a short movie called sunset. Less than 200K… [Watch]

Office Monster

By Steve Garfield

This is what happens after a long day, when music is playing and monster masks are available… [Watch]

June 25th: Day 6

eBay Live

By Eric Rice

Day six is a a bird's eye view of the eBay Live! Expo floor. And yes, that many people come. In 2003, it was around 10-13,000 people… [Watch]

Entertainment in these times

By Jay Dedman

I made a video about watching a movie. I think what makes movies or videoblogging is the context. You got to make people want to see what you got… [Watch]


By Peter Van Dijck

Lucas from Webjay told us that users are using it to do videoblogging as well. Here's an example. Today, I filmed myself checking out that example. I only took 1 simple video, otpimized and uploaded it… [Watch]

This Old Office

By Steve Garfield

For this video I just filmed what was happening, did a quick edit and added some music… [Watch]

June 26th: Day 7

The Abridged Julius Caesar

By Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

Earlier today an abridged version of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar played out in my apartment. I was pretty lucky to be able to catch it on film. Then I spent most of the day editing the material into a complete movie… [Watch]

New Orleans

By Eric Rice

Day seven is me being a tourist in New Orleans, touring a cemetary, the Cafe Du Monde, and more. Plus a little farewell tribute to this incredible town… [Watch]

The End?

By Jay Dedman

This is my final entry for Videoblog Week… [Watch]

Roger and Me

By Peter Van Dijck

My final entry for videoblogging week consists of me watching Roger and Me… [Watch]


By Steve Garfield

Here's the seventh and final video I shot and edited for Video Blogging Week. This one was taken with my Canon S400… [Watch]

The videoblogging mailing list has designated June 20th to June 27th as Videoblogging Week. A handful of participants have vowed to post a videoblog entry each day for the duration of the week. This page collects entries from all participants in one central spot.


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