Reality tagging example

What is Reality Tagging?

Tagging the web is so 2005. Why would you spend time tagging incorporeal URLs when you could be tagging reality? Reality tagging takes the web to the next level — it is about time we the inhabitants of the planet start organizing the world around us! Reality tagging is simple:

For extra brownie points you can take a photo of the card and upload it to a photo sharing website.


The reality tag sheet is currently in beta. It is available in A4, so Americans should turn off Page Scaling when printing. Each tag card is the size of a business card. As soon as I figure out how there will be a version for labels.

Warning: Placing random cards at random public places may or may not be illegal. I really don't know since I've only thought about this concept for about 10 minutes. Use at your own risk.


The photo on the right is a low-tech reality tagging. It was taken by Jon Froda.

So what if there aren't any yet.